Thomas Engineering building

Thomas Engineering Inc. was founded in the Chicago area in 1959 to design and manufacture precision tablet press tooling, and soon there after became the exclusive distributor of Manesty tablet presses in North America.

In 1968 Eli Lilly approached Thomas Engineering with the idea of the fully perforated coating drum. Having no desire to become an equipment manufacturer, Eli Lilly licensed the patent for the fully perforated drum to Thomas Engineering and Thomas began making the world’s first Accela Cota ® tablet coaters. Shortly thereafter, Thomas sub-licensed the technology to Manesty and Glatt who began to make and sell their version of the Accela Cota ® around the world, while Thomas focused on the North American market. Over the years, Thomas has been a strong market leader installing more than 1,300 Accela Cota ® coaters in North America.

 Our mission as a company revolves around providing innovation, service and value. The pharmaceutical industry mandates constant improvement in our tablet coating equipment so that highest levels of quality and productivity can be achieved. Equally important is totally responsive service. The requirements for validation, training, process optimization and problem-solving demand a comprehensive service organization. Lastly, we are committed to providing to our customers maximum return on their investment for the tablet coating systems we supply. Longevity of performance, high yields, superior quality and over fifty years of tableting experience are key elements to providing this value. We believe that if we continue to achieve these objectives, we will remain prominent as a partner in progress.

Thomas Engineering – The Original – The Accela Cota ®

  • More than 50 years as a supplier and technical reference in the field of pharmaceutical processing.
  • First manufacturer to offer the fully-perforated, side-vented coating drum, Accela-Cota ®, (patented)
  • First to offer full recipe-based computer control.
  • First to offer R&D coaters with interchangeable drums for batch versatility.
  • First to offer Continuous Tablet Coating.
  • First and only to offer interchangeable drums in production size coaters,(patented)