Thomas Engineering Inc. is an exclusive U.S. distributor for SKY Softgel & Pack Co., Ltd, Softgel Encapsulation Equipment.

SKY Softgel offers a wide variety of Softgel Encapsulation equipment for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications. Established in 1998, SKY has over 20 years of experience developing high-quality soft gel encapsulation production lines, blister packaging equipment, counters, autobag pouch packaging and cartooner packaging machines.

With over 1,500 machines sold worldwide, SKY offers premium turn-key soft gel production packages complete with gelatin preparation equipment and softgel dryers, quality control and laser printing equipment. 


SKY Auto Servo Softgel Encapsulation Equipment

SKY Softgel offers a fully automatic, HMI controlled servo motor driven Softgel Encapsulation machines offering automatic die roll adjustment and auto filling and weight adjustment.

  • Fully integrated electronic HMI Controls
  • Automatic die roll zero point control
  • Automatic fill weight adjustment control
  • Automatic injection timing adjustment controls
  • Softgel recipe memory system allowing for storage of more than 100,000 soft gel production recipes. 
  • Production parameter memory system with recipe-controlled die roll, weight adjustment, and soft gel injection timing  
  • Optional Auto gelatin thickness adjustment
  • Optional Vegetable Softgel Model



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