Tablet Coating Systems Technical Support & Training
Support at Thomas begins with pharmaceutical equipment that is designed and configured to perform its function with optimum efficiency. That support continues with critical testing, installation and qualification, and is extended by on-going calibration and maintenance contracts. It is this complete life cycle support that distinguishes Thomas in the field of pharmaceutical machinery, and earns us the reputation for being an efficient and experienced partner in developing total system solutions tailored precisely to your tablet production needs.

Our Technical Service Representatives, based in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, are ready to support your requirements with:


  • Qualification Services including preparation and customizing of protocols, factory performance of equipment, customer evaluation and re-qualification visits.
  • Equipment Qualification (EQ) including documented verification that equipment meets manufacturer specifications and design intentions.
  • Installation Qualification (IQ) including documented verification that hardware installation adheres to appropriate codes.
  • Operational Qualification (OQ) including documented verification that the system or sub-system performs as intended throughout representative or anticipated operating ranges.
  • F.A.T. (Factory Acceptance Testing) available at Thomas’ Hoffman Estates location to review, run and test all equipment before being shipped to the customer site.

TRAINING for Tablet Coating Systems and Equipment

Thomas offers several training programs to fit your needs as well as your budget. We can help your employees develop the knowledge and skills needed to operate and maintain your tablet coating system to help keep your production running smoothly. Our training courses include:

  • Two-Day Coating System Operator Training
    Tablet Coating Theory, Equipment and COMPU-COAT Review, Sample Coating Run
  • Two-Day COMPU-COAT Controls Training
    COMPU-COAT overview, Process Screens/Pop-Up Windows review, Supervisor Functions
  • Five-Day Operator, Maintenance, and Supervisor Training
    Includes the two courses above with added Maintenance related training
  • Courses can also be customized to meet the customers’ needs


  • Detailed OEM procedures are provided and followed when calibrating your Flex, Accela-Cota, Compu-Lab or Continuous Tablet Coater.
  • A calibration book is provided with all of the procedures and calibration data.
  • Calibration stickers stating the next calibration date are left with each instrument.
  • All our test equipment is calibrated annually and NIST traceable. Calibration certificates for this equipment are included in all calibration books.


  • Air handling units are inspected to ensure the blowers and motors are secure. Filters are checked for cleanliness.
  • Inspection of the drive components, solution pump, tubing, mixing baffles, door interlocks and the bypass assembly, if installed.
  • Inspection of the spray manifold to verify the condition of all seals, spray nozzles and needles.
  • All aspects and components of your tablet coating system equipment are checked to verify proper functionality to meet OEM specifications.
  • Inspection of plenum seals and clamps to ensure proper airflow through the tablet coater.


Thomas will provide a visit by a process expert to assess any of the following aspects of a site’s coating department.

  • Tablet coating process parameters and recipes.
  • Operating procedures.
  • Maintenance procedures.
  • Cleaning procedures.
  • Condition of the tablet coating equipment.
  • Potential equipment upgrades and improvements.


Thomas has expanded our Coating System Spare Parts Kits, to offer comprehensive Consumables and Emergency Kits.

  • Consumables Spares Kits – consist of parts which wear due to daily use and are required for preventive maintenance. Includes: Accela-Cota Plenum Seals, Spring Fingers, Gaskets, Drive Belts, Trunnion Rollers, and Spray System Tube Elements, Spray Gun Seals, Solution Nozzles, Needles, Air/Fluid Nozzles.
  • Emergency Spares Kits – consist of parts and components which are not readily available off the shelf. Having these items available on site, will minimize downtime in the event of a critical component failure: Motors, VFD’s, Gear Reducers, Electro/Pneumatic Actuators, Switches, Instrumentation.