accela cota coating pan

Thomas AC S-Series Tablet Coater featuring the Accela-Cota ® Technology

TOTAL COVERAGE – Every Tablet – Every Process – Every Time

The Thomas AC S-Series tablet coating machine is available in several different drum sizes and is ideal for aqueous, solvent and sugar coating applications. The S-Series offers all the advantages of the Accela-Cota ® fully perforated drum technology while offering a budget minded single wall housing construction.

Safety is designed in with:

  • Interlock switches on all doors
  • Top of machine utilities access
  • NEC electrical ratings
  • 2-piece exhaust plenum for easy lifting
  • Drum light
  • Safety systems available for solvent applications

Fully Perforated Drum Industry-proven design for:

  • Maximum coating quality
  • High efficiency tablet coating
  • Ideal mixing action
  • Turbulence-free air at high flow rates
  • Low temperature coating
  • High speed coating


Fully Integrated Spraying System

Compact drawer located directly under the coating drum:
• Networked to the control PLC
• Reduces installation space
• Easy to clean and calibrate
• Peristaltic pump – sanitary design
• High accuracy flowmeter


COMPU-COAT ® Control

The advanced, user-friendly, integrated COMPU-COAT® features a touch screen panel flush-mounted on the front of the AC S-Series. This provides the operator unparalleled access to the tablet coating machine and controls. The optional COMPU-COAT ® module allows for system networking and remote monitoring.

Remote I/O System

Thomas AC S-Series Tablet Coaters are now available with locally integrated controls. This allows almost complete wiring and testing of the system in our factory. As a result, field wiring for controls is minimized.


Drum Capacities 48S 60S 60SXL
Min. Vol. (ltr.) 40 100 120
Brim Load @ 1kg/ltr (kg) 190 460 530
Brim Load @ .75kg/ltr (kg) 140 345 395


Features Benefits
Sealed exhaust and inlet plenums Complete control of process air through the product.
Fully perforated drum Provides the most efficient, durable design in the industry.
Bypass availability Allows for drum access without affecting air process conditions.
Removable mixing baffles Provides consistent and effective tablet movement for improved uniformity.
Plenum Design Assures maximum exposure to process air and efficient, rapid drying.
Exhaust plenum reduction baffles Accommodates batch-size flexibility.
Fully-articulated spray collar Allows easy access to spray guns and tablet bed.
Integrated gear motor (with VFD) Provides a virtually maintenance free drive system.
Single-point utility connections Simplest installation design.
Integral electric cabinet Easy access to PLC and I/O controls.


Thomas AC S-Series Machines 48S 60S 60SXL
Max. Bed Depth (in.) 14 20 20
Air Vol. (CFM) 2500 4000 4000
Drum Perforations (Diameter) .117″ .117″ .117″
Drum Area (%) 51 51 51
Inside Surface Area of Drum (sq. in.) 5,440 8,730 9,680
Drum Depth (in.) 39 ½ 49 54
Drum Speed (RPM) 1.5-12 1.5-12 1.5-12

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