Thomas Flex 05 Tablet Coating Machine

Thomas FLEX 05 Tablet Coater

Inspired by our customers, and driven by innovation, Thomas presents the FLEX 05; the first true bench top tablet coater! Featuring the Accela -Cota ® Technology the FLEX 05 is more than just a film coater – it is a practical and highly functional tablet coating platform for most processes, including those where high weight-gain drug layers and modified release coatings are essential.

FLEX 05 tablet coating equipment includes computer-based controls, and optional data acquisition and reporting functions in a compact package with color touch screen HMI. Convenient and versatile, the FLEX 05 is sure to become your indispensable coater for rapid product development, feasibility studies, and production of early stage clinical supplies – even with just a handful of tablets!


  • Coat very small quantities of cores – as few as 150 tablets
  • Exchangeable tablet coating unit with integrated coating chamber, drum, plenum and front process port
  • Complete separation of product contact area from mechanical space
  • Integrated workspace for solution vessel, mixer, scale and peristaltic pump


  • Aqueous and solvent film coating processes
  • Functional and modified release coatings
  • Coating with one or more drug layers
  • Tablets, mini-tabs, softgels, and beads.
  • Optional execution for handling potent compounds
  • Closed transfers or off-bench loading/unloading under containment



  • Fully perforated drums with anti-slide bars
  • Schlick spray nozzle with anti-bearding cap
  • Exhaust temperature set point control
  • Independent control of atomizing and pattern air
  • External spray nozzle positioning with coater door closed
  • Maximum drum capacity is 5 liters


  • 24 x 36 inch footprint – fits neatly on standard laboratory bench
  • 10-inch color touch screen Portable Tablet PC HMI
  • Front access manual sampling
  • Excellent visibility through front window
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning at the bench or out-of-place
  • Benchtop or cart-mounted for mobile applications
  • Entire exchangeable coating unit (xcu) can be submerged for safe cleaning of potent compounds


FLEX 05 Specifications
Overall dimensions 24″ x 36″ x 30″ high [610 mm x 815 mm x 760 mm]
Drum volume Up to 5 liters; 1/2 liter with divider plate
Drum diameter 12 in. [305 mm]
Spray nozzle Schlick™ 970ABC
Solution Delivery Watson-Marlow peristaltic pump
Cleaning The Exchangeable Coating Unit can be removed from the coating platform
to be cleaned in a lab sink, in a parts washer or in a cleaning room.

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