Thomas-Flex-ctc-continouous-tablet-coater-with-accelacotaThomas FLEX CTC Continuous Tablet Coater

The Thomas FLEX CTC Continuous Tablet Coater extends our film coating technology from the typical batch process to a fast and efficient continuous process. Featuring 22 spray nozzles and our proven Accela-Cota technology in a 24 inch ( 610 mm) fully-perforated drum, the Thomas CTC achieves the same high performance demonstrated in our batch coaters but in much less time. The Flex CTC also offers the industry’s leading product volume flexibility of 100 – 1500+ kg/hr. Complete system automation is available with our COMPU-COAT ® control software, providing total process control, repeatability, and validation documentation.

Suitable for Clear Coating, Color Coating, and Enteric Coating of Tablets & Soft Gels

Automatic in feed gently introduces tablets to the bed on a steady basis, weight belt interface permits tablet loading automation with Thomas COMPU-COAT ® controls. Our Individual Gun Sequencing System ensures zero product loss and zero re-processing during start-up and shut-down. The long, shallow bed (5-6 inches) and 22 spray nozzles translate into an increased number of passes through the spray zone for every tablet ensuring excellent tablet uniformity. The low residence time and shallow tablet bed means minimal tablet erosion and minimal heat exposure. The Thomas Flex CTC, like all of our Flex Series coaters, is designed for Complete Access and Cleanability.

Thomas Flex CTC compu-coat 8 controls

Thomas Flex CTC continuous tablet coater Continuous Tablet Coater Continuous Tablet Coater Spray Gun System  Continuous Tablet Coater

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