August 21, 2018

Dear Valued Customers,

We are pleased to announce that Wilson Tool International, Inc. has purchased the assets of the Tablet Press Tooling division of Thomas Processing LLC This is a very exciting development for both of our companies, and we believe this transaction will be very beneficial to our customers.

Over the years, Wilson Tool has continued to grow and is now the world’s largest independent tooling provider in a variety of industries. Thomas Processing has also been rapidly growing its global market share as a tablet coating system company. This transition allows both companies to focus on their areas of expertise, with a goal of bringing even more advanced solutions to all of our customers.

Thomas Processing is proud to continue providing our worldwide partners with the most advanced tablet coating systems. From our full Flex line of coaters to our new Accela-Cota PRO coater, our coating systems provide our customers best in class processing times, batch size flexibility, and reduced changeover times. Thomas will carry on its customer-focused business approach as we further our international expansion with our tablet coating systems.

Wilson Tool has a 350,000 square foot state-of-the-art design and production facility in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. They also have production or sales facilities located in ten additional strategic markets globally. Wilson Tool has a sales team dedicated to servicing customers and the manufacturing expertise necessary to produce tooling of the highest quality.

During the coming months, the two companies will be working together to take care of your compression tooling needs, with a plan to carefully transition the business to Wilson Tool. Wilson Tool’s compression tooling manufacturing will be powered by Thomas Processing with key Thomas Processing personnel transferring to Wilson Tool to ensure continuity of engineering know-how, customer requirements, and ongoing customer service and support. Thomas Processing personnel bring decades of compression tooling know-how to the group, along with many long-term customer relationships.

Thank you for your business, loyalty, and trust throughout the years. The customer-focused values that Thomas Processing has brought to our customer relationships are equally embraced and part of Wilson Tool’s culture. Thank you for your partnership and we are confident that you will appreciate the quality and service that you will receive going forward.

Kind Regards,

Brian Casey, President
Thomas Processing LLC

Brian Robinson, CEO
Wilson Tool Enterprises